Better products for the environment! Plus it's more healthy!

Better products for the environment! Plus it's more healthy!
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Saturday, August 1, 2015

APICLI in Tillamook Oregon

August 1, 2015

As I attended th Asian Pacific Islander Community Leadership Institute (APICLI) event in Tillamook I couldn't help but wonder what will come of this organization? I arrived earlier enough to take a power nap on the side of the road near the location. It is crucial that I get adequate rest before attending the event as being tired makes it hard to participate fully.

We started the day with a fun dinamica/ice breaker where people had to say "Their own name" loves "someone else who was present's name" and if the person who's name was called doesn't say another person's name in that manner in time they would then have to go in the middle to be the person who has to be the listener/looker/seeker of the name just called out. It was challenging as a third of the participants where new to me in the room.

Right after that we did a "Stranded Island" workshop and the activity requested what 4 things would you bring?" The answers from the groups were everything from silly to somewhat more strategic. I took from the show "Naked and Afraid", and pulled resources of insight from that show to explain my reasoning.

Thereafter we did a "River Through the Room" event where we mapped out our history to where and how APICLI plays a role in our life events. This was nice to listen to the story of our fellow cohort in a small breakout group of four to discover what perspective and life experience they have faced.

After that we went to the beach and created a "Leadership" symbolic sandbox of what Leadership means to us? I drew from the power of the elephant and it's mighty meaning of being the subconscious dream that lies within us. It was beautiful in that a fellow cohort started the design with a bridge while another decided to create a train on top of the bridge. It laid out well enough to where I put the elephant on the side.

Hence from that point we did a group shot on the beach.

Coming back from a wonderful lunch we discussed matters about API stereotypes of being the "Model Minority". It was insightful and important to see the polarization of what was happening and what/where it derived from.  

Soon after we discussed the Mission of APICLI to help bring together about why we gather. Right after that we discussed the ideas of board and committees to address why people do it and why not do it? We shared in our breakout groups and th

en had to come up with any expressive way to share our presentation. I must say it was a kick and enjoyable to see people collaborate out of their comfort levels.

I must say the dinner was a delight of many excellent choices to delve into. So wonderful to have a potluck of choices. We ended the day with celebrating a fellows Birthday blowing of the cake.

As I adventure in life's journey my goal is to be transparent and helpful to anyone who cares to go after their goals and dreams too. This sunset image and typing reminds us of how many days goes by and I encourage you to perhaps have a planned vision for the next.

If you are a fellow cohort, my question for you is what was the most touching / impact activity for you over the retreat? I'd have to say for me was being able to lead a lesson in "MoveAudiumphantly" the following day on the beach where people took 3 words that they embraced about the weekend and pretty much shared with the group in a "Tai Chi" format.

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