Better products for the environment! Plus it's more healthy!

Better products for the environment! Plus it's more healthy!
You don't have to be great to start, but you have to get started to become great.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dreaming of Lightning and Money?

So I couldn't help but wonder why I was dreaming at 5:55 am in the morning of running around the bottom of a bleacher area that felt like a stadium and I was kicking around a ball that seemed to be a Pikachu power ball. And then also to see a Pikachu electrically jump from one point to another.

I haven't watched or come across that show in decades. Beyond that the dream got more vivid and interesting in that as I ran around I came across my coworker who I started playing pickup the money before you do as it was on the floor. So the game transpired to who could collect the most money. It first started out with $5, then it became more amounts as I couldn't help but notice them folded flat in amounts of 20 or more on the ground. I became fairly pleased as it started adding up to more money as I looked throughout the areas. But then came a weird person asking me if it's alright to take home some kind of heavy metal or metallic case of a coffin that he had come across. I wasn't sure what it was but was thinking it was a coffin in my mind and was like, you better go ask the owner or supervisor of this place. But then I awoke to the sounds of cars driving by and having a dry throat that needed a quench of water.

The only thing that I could conjure up is that my dream was my subconscious telling me that I am going to make a good amount of money with the software "Lead Lightning" and they are both companies that deal with the symbols of electricity efficiency. I think I may have to see to get a lottery drawing too of the cat or puppy as a potential winning ticket.

What do you dream of lately and what interpretations do you think they are?

Stay tuned as I will share with viewers how to be empowered and to create a "Dream vision/board". It's key to do this to really see your subconscious as it has the ability to nurture 2 billion neurons as your mind meditates about your ideal settings. The neat thing about creating your dream board is that you'll be applying 200,000 neurons taking the steps to do so.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Eco Growth Journey

So I've been blessed and thankful to start working for Efficiency Services Group where I get to offer residents and commercial places the opportunity to be more economically green and efficient. It's a joy to know that we can help make the world more green and clean while helping people save on their bills. It's been a journey of it's own to learn people in their home environments. Typically this is where they are best at ease. So I get a glimpse of who they are and what they are really like. I'm very pleased to have this opportunity because of the association I have with a fellow friend, David of LIFE.

Now that I have been doing that, another friend who's name starts with a D as well, Davida reached out to me to consider helping our planet go green and making a living too. Since we are on a well needed path to help with Global Warming, I decided to team up with the company Viridian. Please see for yourself how you can be more green and make some "green". More details coming of the journey, for now best of adventures!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

SVLOG 2, August 2015 : Seeking Aces!

Sharing Video Logs On Goals:

Saturday, August 1, 2015

APICLI in Tillamook Oregon

August 1, 2015

As I attended th Asian Pacific Islander Community Leadership Institute (APICLI) event in Tillamook I couldn't help but wonder what will come of this organization? I arrived earlier enough to take a power nap on the side of the road near the location. It is crucial that I get adequate rest before attending the event as being tired makes it hard to participate fully.

We started the day with a fun dinamica/ice breaker where people had to say "Their own name" loves "someone else who was present's name" and if the person who's name was called doesn't say another person's name in that manner in time they would then have to go in the middle to be the person who has to be the listener/looker/seeker of the name just called out. It was challenging as a third of the participants where new to me in the room.

Right after that we did a "Stranded Island" workshop and the activity requested what 4 things would you bring?" The answers from the groups were everything from silly to somewhat more strategic. I took from the show "Naked and Afraid", and pulled resources of insight from that show to explain my reasoning.

Thereafter we did a "River Through the Room" event where we mapped out our history to where and how APICLI plays a role in our life events. This was nice to listen to the story of our fellow cohort in a small breakout group of four to discover what perspective and life experience they have faced.

After that we went to the beach and created a "Leadership" symbolic sandbox of what Leadership means to us? I drew from the power of the elephant and it's mighty meaning of being the subconscious dream that lies within us. It was beautiful in that a fellow cohort started the design with a bridge while another decided to create a train on top of the bridge. It laid out well enough to where I put the elephant on the side.

Hence from that point we did a group shot on the beach.

Coming back from a wonderful lunch we discussed matters about API stereotypes of being the "Model Minority". It was insightful and important to see the polarization of what was happening and what/where it derived from.  

Soon after we discussed the Mission of APICLI to help bring together about why we gather. Right after that we discussed the ideas of board and committees to address why people do it and why not do it? We shared in our breakout groups and th

en had to come up with any expressive way to share our presentation. I must say it was a kick and enjoyable to see people collaborate out of their comfort levels.

I must say the dinner was a delight of many excellent choices to delve into. So wonderful to have a potluck of choices. We ended the day with celebrating a fellows Birthday blowing of the cake.

As I adventure in life's journey my goal is to be transparent and helpful to anyone who cares to go after their goals and dreams too. This sunset image and typing reminds us of how many days goes by and I encourage you to perhaps have a planned vision for the next.

If you are a fellow cohort, my question for you is what was the most touching / impact activity for you over the retreat? I'd have to say for me was being able to lead a lesson in "MoveAudiumphantly" the following day on the beach where people took 3 words that they embraced about the weekend and pretty much shared with the group in a "Tai Chi" format.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Give Rides Get Paid Part 1

Give Rides Get Paid!


What a wonderful concept! I received a call from a business friend one early morning to my surprise at 7am (Early to some), and didn't bother to pick it up because it was kind of odd to receive such an early call. This friend Keith N. was a formidable business friend from previous company pursuits. So he was persistent in calling me later that day in the afternoon to strike to me a interesting proposition through Facebook chat of wanting my "phone number" as I had changed mine.

A moment into it he explained he was doing Uber and Lyft. I was fascinated in his journey due to the highlighted battle of our city of Portland allowing it or not in the media news.

Now I am not foreign to the transportation services field as I had done it for 2 years as a subcontractor back in 2008-2010 for Tri-Met under a neighbor medical transportation services. From that experience I got a taste of what it meant to be "Self Employed" or I should say employed by a small business owner. I dreaded it mostly and was bitter from the opportunity because of a variety of unwanted reasons.

What's super exciting about what's happening now is that they are taking out the middle man "boss" who may or may not know what they are doing to where you are directed by some cool, simple and fun apps that don't get things messed up as people are prone to do. Computers are more accurate and saves us time, just check out the new cash registers these days at your local groceries, right. The horrid stories I tell you of working 5am-5pm plus for minimum wage or less after taxes and paying for your own gas with no benefits are just outright not cool. (So I almost had looked away or narrowed my filter of being open)


What really sealed the deal for me of taking decisive action was when Keith sent me his weekly income for just one company that was around 1,300 dollars! Combined with both companies he was making almost 2 grand. My jaw dropped and my eyes just about came out of my sockets and I was "hungry" to achieve the same as it would be a very admirable way to get out of debt. I asked Keith, what are the rules? He said just get a 2008 and above vehicle (actually needs to be 2005 and above) and get started. His story was that he was visiting a friend in California and his car died and he used the Uber services and that sold him in wanting to do that here in the NW.

So like a monkey trying to get it's hands out of  being stuck in a tree, I was like how am I going to do this service with a BMW M3 convertible 2 seat from 1999? It has to be a sedan and great on gas. Light bulb went up in my mind and said time to trade in the old Nissan Altima for a newer ride. I exhausted myself in getting the best choices of cars wondering if I would get a hybrid as it will be a good saving in gas accommodating in it's size. To my luck I came across a Nissan 2014 Versa Note.

(If you plan on getting a Nissan on the dealership on 122nd please let me know? So I can refer you!)

It ain't a hybrid but it does do great on gas and I got it for 4,000 less because it was a service car of theirs that had 5,000 miles on it. One oil change for a 4,000 savings is how I look at it.

If you like driving, get excited because "swag" is here with these interesting 2 new services that allow us to get paid to give rides in the style we choose. From my research and to be experiences (will blog about the differences, do like and follow for now) the process is far more propelling and promising.

1) Technology delivers accuracy and timely indications
2) Get paid more (Even more than the corporate world for most part-timers)
3) Be your own boss and work as you need or want to

So the scoop is that one is more "Professional" with black tie style services with the tagline "Your Private Driver", and the other "Your Friendly Driver."


So I simply applied like at 11pm on a Thursday night and went to the following Inspection the following morning at 9am.

If you'd like to get started with LYFT Click:

To be continued...

Friday, May 15, 2015

555 = LOL Haa, haa, haa = Laugh Out Loud. 5 / 15 / 2015 has 3 5's.

Here we go with my daily/weekly/monthly minimum blog: Journey of the Joy of Victory.

As there is much to type and write about, I figured why not start a blog that will delight a better social understanding from a niche of people who are the Laotians. It is true I am from that South East Asian land, Laos, which has been known in history for the "Land of a million elephants". It also actually coins my nickname, "Lan", which has a couple of meanings such as, "bald" or "million".

The pronouncing of 5 is "haei", when put together as "555" = "ha-ha-ha moment, which is translated from Laotian to Ha, ha ha = funny moment. If it ain't humorous to you, I'd say please grow some funny bones.

Currently I am bald but am focused on my ways to millions; with or without hair. But first I must be realistic and practical by starting my Financial Fitness curriculum of getting out of debt, which is "G.O.O.D." Are you good in your riches?

As you will take the time to consider the information I share, I hope that you will be invigorated, and it motivates you to take action in your own situation to do what is necessary to get the most out of your life.

That's all I'm going to type for now, but do stay tuned and "follow" or join a newsletter(s) of your liking as I will share the variety methods, principles and memories to be made.

All the best from Portland Oregon, the Be Your Dream coach,

Sourixay Vilalay aka "S.V."

What translations in your community are funny such as I shared? Feel free to share any funny thoughts alike in the comments.