Better products for the environment! Plus it's more healthy!

Better products for the environment! Plus it's more healthy!
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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dreaming of Lightning and Money?

So I couldn't help but wonder why I was dreaming at 5:55 am in the morning of running around the bottom of a bleacher area that felt like a stadium and I was kicking around a ball that seemed to be a Pikachu power ball. And then also to see a Pikachu electrically jump from one point to another.

I haven't watched or come across that show in decades. Beyond that the dream got more vivid and interesting in that as I ran around I came across my coworker who I started playing pickup the money before you do as it was on the floor. So the game transpired to who could collect the most money. It first started out with $5, then it became more amounts as I couldn't help but notice them folded flat in amounts of 20 or more on the ground. I became fairly pleased as it started adding up to more money as I looked throughout the areas. But then came a weird person asking me if it's alright to take home some kind of heavy metal or metallic case of a coffin that he had come across. I wasn't sure what it was but was thinking it was a coffin in my mind and was like, you better go ask the owner or supervisor of this place. But then I awoke to the sounds of cars driving by and having a dry throat that needed a quench of water.

The only thing that I could conjure up is that my dream was my subconscious telling me that I am going to make a good amount of money with the software "Lead Lightning" and they are both companies that deal with the symbols of electricity efficiency. I think I may have to see to get a lottery drawing too of the cat or puppy as a potential winning ticket.

What do you dream of lately and what interpretations do you think they are?

Stay tuned as I will share with viewers how to be empowered and to create a "Dream vision/board". It's key to do this to really see your subconscious as it has the ability to nurture 2 billion neurons as your mind meditates about your ideal settings. The neat thing about creating your dream board is that you'll be applying 200,000 neurons taking the steps to do so.

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